Scuola d'Arte Bonsai


The Scuola d’Arte Bonsai


The Scuola d’Arte Bonsai is a cultural no profit Association, officially founded in 1992, aiming to spread the traditional Japanese techniques of Bonsai art.


The didactic programme, completed in eight years of study, is subdivided into four stages - corresponding to the four levels:


1st   level – elementary (2 years)

2nd  level – intermediate (2 years)    

3rd  level – superior  (2 years)

4th level –  to qualify as an Instructor (2 years)

Students have to pass an examination in order to qualify to pass on to the successive level.


At the end of the 16th course, on passing the examination, students receive a diploma from the Scuola d’Arte Bonsai as well as a diploma from the Federation of the Japanese Bonsai School with which the European School is twinned.

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